"To find truth you must experience it in your soul. You can read hundreds of books, or study the religions of all time, and find that all of them have one common point, one common denominator: and this is love..." --White Eagle

All One Love is about living from the perspective that all life is unified through the energy at the core of all existence. Various cultures throughout the ages have ascribed different names to this energy-prana, chi, qi, Life Force, infinite intelligence, to name but a few.

All One Love recognizes that all faiths and cultures are referring to the same essence regardless of language or semantics, and sees every living entity as part and parcel of a divine whole.

The services and products offered through All One Love are tools that empower people to recognize and fully express their uniquely divine selves in all areas of their lives. When unfettered by limiting thoughts, fears, and expectations, we awaken to the grandest vision of who we really are: a being of Love and Joy-for others and ourselves. This is our greatest contribution to the world.

Andrea Dunham, M.A.
Andrea Dunham, M.A.

Andrea Dunham has assisted hundreds of people along their healing and spiritual journeys as a healer, teacher and workshop facilitator. She is an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master-Instructor, published writer and received her M.A. from NYU and B.A. from UC Berkeley. Andrea is also a student of the Indian Saint Sri Kaleshwar and is now bringing some of his powerful ancient teachings and healing techniques here to the West.

Her mission is to serve humanity in the highest ways she can. She does this by providing structures and modalities based on All One Love that serve to empower you on your journey through life. She facilitates growth by engendering a sense of peace, adventure, trust, support and inspiration to live a fulfilling life filled with love, wonder and meaning.

Andrea also dedicates one day a week to offer healing services to cancer patients and their caregivers at WeSpark Cancer Support Center. She had founded BeHold, a not-for-profit project through Community Partners to provide support to human services workers of all types in an effort to help keep people in their hearts of service. Though the project is now closed due to lack of funding, the mission is still very alive in all the work Andrea provides. She currently maintains a weekly call-in/online streaming healing group by donation and has recently created a low-cost subscription program so that no one is prohibited from receiving support they might need.