Automatic Daily Energy Transmissions
the easiest, most affordable way to get the greatest benefits of a regular healing practice

Daily Energy Transmission Subscription - $33/Month

It is my deepest desire to share the healing work I can do with as many people as possible. I have witnessed the power of these energies in action and am so grateful to have such an intimate connection to them.

It is important to me to share these gifts that can help to alleviate suffering of all types, cultivate the necessary strength in the face of challenges, remove obstacles to creating and manifesting, and otherwise help you along in your journey, regardless of your spiritual practice, beliefs and financial situation.

I've been trying to find a way to make this work as simple and as accessible as possible in the most optimal way. I've also discovered that connecting to these energies consistently brings the greatest result, but is something that many cannot find the time or money to do.

So I have created a Daily Energy Transmission subscription to offer you the benefits of an automatic daily healing practice. I'm excited to finally have a way to make the consistency so easy to achieve in a way that I can still serve as many people as possible.

Here's how it works:
  • You choose the level of your own involvement. You can set daily or monthly intentions* (to yourself or email me), or simply just sign-up and see what happens. The program cost is $33 per month--about $1 a day.

  • This program will implement a variety of healing energies and resources over the course of each month, so that all tools available to me will be used to address your needs.

  • I will transmit the energies to you every day. They will be flowing to support you and your intentions each day, even if you don't consciously think about it or know what to ask. You have an inner intelligence that knows what it needs and will receive it from these daily transmissions.

  • By signing up, you ensure you get the benefit of a daily healing practice whether or not you actively "use" it. The energy will be flowing to support you and your intentions each day, even if you're too busy to tune in.

  • You may also register others who you'd like to receive some support or healing. Though it may help them to be consciously aware of the support, it is not required to notify them. It's a beautiful way to support our loved ones on their path and provide whatever healing they might need*. Also, contact me to discuss a possible group rate (for whole families, organizations, etc).

  • Once you have registered, your daily energy transmissions will begin. You'll be sent a welcome email within 48 hours, and periodic emails with tips, insights or other information each month. You may cancel at anytime. Your cancellation will be effective at the end of your final paid month.

Please share this with anyone who could use some support. It is the best way I could envision to help as many people I can for as little cost to participants as possible. I'd like to share these healing energies as far and wide and with as many as I can. Please help me make this possible by letting them know and encouraging them to participate. Thank you!

(*)This may include anything from supporting your body to heal disease and other ailments to establishing energetic harmony in your relationships to creating new life circumstances that better reflect your intentions (such as a new job or home). Or anything at all.

To register to receive Daily Energy Transmissions:

  1. Subscribe via the paypal link below.
  2. Send an email to: dailyhealing@allonelove.com with the name, city and state of the participant. If you have one, please also send a photo of the participant where his/her eyes can be clearly seen.
  3. The transmissions begin today, and a welcome email will be sent to you within 48 hours.
  4. Relax and enjoy!